Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mothers not always Protective

Mother and Daughters

When deciding whether to sleep with a man,
a girl not a woman would do well to judge him depraved,
or not,
according more-or-less
to what her mother thinks.
That essentially her filial deference here implies
that it’s not her decision
what sort of conclusion she should make
regarding his virtues
in discriminating vice
from mere (for the sake of argument let’s call it that) sexual delight
she’ll take into account
and won’t be as inclined
to let that conclusion
influence her decision
to go to bed
with her prospective lover
as would be the case
if the conclusion
came from within,
based on her own faculties of perception,
rather than those of her mother.
I say, “correct”, “quite reasonable”.

But there is another consideration
(of course)
a consideration that I shouldn’t quite call a qualification,
for though it might slightly partake of some of the characteristics of that,
the consideration concerns a different sphere,
which to the previous discussion,
whether you should go to bed with me,
relates not nearly so much
as to how you should go to bed with me.
Should you really be entirely true to yourself
if and when
sex present or anticipated
has made it incumbent upon your person
to decide how much to lust for my penis?
Maybe you shouldn’t entirely be true to yourself
Maybe in some limited sphere
in bed
you should be true to your mom,
not yourself.
How much she wants you to lust (or not lust, though certainly I should hope this would not be the case) for
my level of moral discrimination
(judged by you externally, from her perception)
as regards identifying
not just inclusively
ought in my opinion
control you
more than you own want there.

If a girl rejects me
because her opinion of my
at separating
from its opposite
(strange I should say “opposite”, but it’s neither here-nor-there for me to judge why saying that makes a better poem,
until I know)
is something she knows came from without,
from her mother,
as they believe it significantly should,
and she (the girl)
“Why should I take a chance on him,
when it will be my mother who triumphs
or fails
It takes the fun
of taking
As follows from Mendellian genetics.”,

But if you don’t inform your lust,
to the extent your mother influenced your opinion of me
in the ways you want her to,
as much as she would want you to,
I can’t believe that a good thing.

If, indeed, your opinions
of those parts of my virtues pertaining to discriminating cleanly
are determined by your mother,
your mother,
triumphing or suffering
according to her own decisions,
if she thinks me possessed of
quite the eye for discriminating
cleanliness from mess,
want you to lust for my penis
more than you want yourself to.
What moral principle
could guide her away
from trying to make you do as she wants
and needs
if girls don’t do as their mothers want here
men discriminating cleanly
won’t get lusted for so much
by little girls
as would men possessing
other virtues less important?
It would follow from epigenetics
that if girls are true to their own wants,
rather than their mothers’,
when deciding how much to lust for a
cleanly discriminating man
the daughters concluded so to the extent of their own mothers’ certitude
as regards the innocuous snowlike cleanliness of his penis’s desire
to lovingly fuck her little angel’s cervix,
would evolve
to be very conformist
in discriminating (or should I say not discriminating) the most innocent and beautiful love there is,
There is a sense in which mothers want their little angels
protected from lust for depravity
more than the daughters themselves want it,
Just like a mother can want her little angel to give up her cervix in lust
more lustful than what her little angel wants,
when why her little angel believes it safe
is that she trusts her mom.

I hope your mother doesn't think
I have written this
in response to something
I might have thought
she might have done.
I refuse
to use
any imagination
in deciding
something is directive
(or not).
"Come on",
I might tell her,
pushing her away just slightly,
somewhat tauntingly,
it really wouldn't be moral of me
to be else,
Would it now?"
I don't want your mother
to have any fears of me,
not even that I won't fuck you hard enough.

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