Friday, November 11, 2005

False rescuers

For some time I have wondered what group of people is most responsible for encouraging fears that have led society to take sexual freedom away from young females and those whom they love. I have been looking closer at the leading agitators for higher ages of consent, etc., and have come to something of a conclusion. The people who really agitate the hardest and most effectively against adolescent female sexuality seem to be men. Not just any men, I have decided, but men who in all likelihood have a preference for fallen women. It is not easy to seduce an innocent female. True, if a deceptive man has virtually nothing that a woman would want--if his deceiving skills are more-or-less his only ones--, the most effective mating approach for such a one would be to corrupt innocent, young, more easily corruptible girls. But even among sodomizers, it must be supposed that most have some skills, some abilities that females might want. If a sodomizer has at least a basic amount of skill he is probably going to be better off directing his appeal to older females. Not many children are born to teen mothers as opposed to older ones, presumably because typically a teen girl has to really believe herself greatly in love with a male before she naturally would want to have meaningful sex with him directly without waiting to see if her judgment changes. Probably, just because older females typically want a family presently more than teenage girls, the typical bad male even if foul usually finds it easier to seduce older females than younger ones.

It's too easy, probably, to fall into the trap of viewing all sodomizers as the same. Doubtless they have differing specialties. Physically abusive or terrifying ones probably do have a decided preference for young females with an innocence that largely precludes the dreaded sophistication that is a possibility among the fallen; viz., some fallen women are sufficiently sophisticated as to realize that the pleasure of sodomy doesn't have as much to do with who is the sodomizer as a freshly fallen naive female might think, and so sodomy tends not to be as exclusively controlling of such sophisticated females. Indeed, some depraved males are patently abusive, going after innocent naive girls and corrupting them with violence, terror, rape, forcible sodomy, etc. Some others perhaps are effective at making females think themselves more amenable to being controlled than is the case, and at creating confusion between innocuous captivation and disgusting captivity. Such men and boys also do probably prefer clean, young females to dominate. But not all bad men, nay, not even all bad sodomizing men are the same. Clearly there are advantages in specialization. The more common a particular evil is, the more females will have evolved effective defenses against it. If a male is more slick than seductive, better at controlling a female without her realizing it than at seducing her in the first place to try the behavior that allows him to control her, he will, in all likelihood, prefer fallen women. Not to rescue them from depravity, of course, but to inflict upon them his own depravities in place of the depravities of her past that were inflicted by other males.

Anyway, if a man has a certain amount of skill and success, then it is a convenient thing to do to a fallen women to convince her to try him by way of rescuing her from her past. Lots of females are messed-up as teenagers and in college, but then as a result of lack of success, say in getting good grades or in making money or in landing a successful husband, they come after using a little bit of sense to believe a reform is necessary. Indeed, in our commercialized society, people (unfortunately) are more likely to feel shame at lack of material success than at anything else. A strategy for a tolerably successful male who wants to get such a woman is to make her think she indeed needs reform. By making the woman feel good about a change, the man can more assuredly feel that she will indeed leave the other abusive men who in her past have been responsible for screwing-up her sensibilities. This is important for him, not because he wants to clean her up (in fact he wants to introduce his own dirt on top of the dirt she already has upon her), but because he doesn't want her past to compete with the depravities he himself wants to commit, thereby introducing sexual competition. He could just try to appeal to her by caring for her, but maybe he (perhaps rightly) believes his financial appeal is a good deal greater than his clean sexual appeal, and so he still finds the need to be foul in his sexual activities. What such a foul, rat-like male will likely strive for is to make the woman think her past romantic failures were merely as a result of her having had when young a lack of self-esteem that allowed her to give sex to controlling manipulative males that by nature she never would have given to anybody at that age. It is curious that one often hears people (e.g., in so-called feminist spheres) say that lack of self-esteem causes young females to excessively try sex, since I daresay a common-sense view of human nature is that a female who doesn't at all feel sure of herself, a female who lacks self-esteem and shames easily, is going to adopt a more conventional less confident approach to life, and it is not at all the case that teenage sex is something praised in conventional morality geared for the unthinking masses. It's just that girls, when they want sex, naturally tend to be submissive (see the last post or the discussion in my book about the importance of sex with young females being especially rewarding to males). This is bad basically if the submission takes place before the girl has decided to have sex. If it is after, the submission is not problematic in a girl, notwithstanding sexual submission in women is rather lame. If a girl doesn't love a man so well as in bed to trust him to an extent he could more or less control her if he saw fit to do so, then what would be bad would be her having had sex with him in the first place; bad men will exert such control to the extent they can regardless of what people think about it, and why shouldn't a good man cleanly exert a certain amount of control since there are good things he can accomplish with such, e.g., to encourage the girl he is having sex with to be more true to her own true sexual nature, which else would be difficult the younger the girl, youngsters being ignorant often becoming imitators from necessity. (Not that it at all bothers me if a girl would decide to have sex on account merely of having imitated a good friend--presumably no need for punishment or withholding emotional affection there--, but that is a different subject.)True, a hatred of young female submission, if general, might encourage girls to leave abusive males, but more than likely such a general hatred would mainly just cause girls to lack respect (on account of some submission being appropriate) for that part of society that else could rescue her. She might well think that reformists in society are stupid because they with a broad stroke reject submission, and thus make it more difficult for these reformers to argue their case against the evil of sodomy; better to try to make girls hate foul submission qua foulness rather than qua submission.

Anyway, in all likelihood the strongest forces against young-female sexual freedom are men who find it expedient to make females reject the males of their young-female sexual past without causing them to reject the depraved sensibilities mainly responsible for the females' failures. Adolescent female sexuality isn't just a red herring that the sodomizers of fallen women can point at when justifying their depravities, it is also something they directly need fallen women to see as responsible for their own material failures, lest they return to the males who first abused them. These foul men who insidiously go after fallen women do have more skills and success than typical sodomizers, and such skills make them rather effective manipulators of the popular attitude toward adolescent-female sexuality. They tend to have infiltrated certain feminist circles, warping a desire for female rights into a desire to take away young female rights. They are probably rather dangerous unscrupulous opponents who unfortunately must be dealt with by anyone trying to reform age of consent laws, etc., into more what they should be.

Of course, a good many people, especially females, really do probably from innocent lack of understanding think early female sexuality should be further discouraged, probably just because they have had more familiarity with others wanting to corrupt girls than with really beautiful feelings girls and males can have for one another. A female is lucky if when she young she meets a male she loves so well as for sex with him to be very beautiful and good, it is more likely she will meet unwanted not at all clean sexual advances (but such advances aren't particularly harmful so long as girls have the power to prevent men from initiating unwanted physical activity with them); it's unfortunate that girls need be scared of sodomy, but just outlawing their having sex won't make them safer from that. As for the dangers of unwanted advances they are rather phantom, it's not men being able to express unwanted desires to girls that hurts girls, but the men being able to act on and fulfill those unwanted desires, which alone would make girls excessively susceptible to sodomy; indeed, girls are pretty tough and are not really at all the china dolls, quaking and cracking in terror at every undesired advance, that they are made out to be.

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