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Female lust responsible for authenticity

In this poem I try to describe how my feelings for girls and female-produced epigenetic modification relate to authenticity (cf. my last post). I don't apologize for using the word "orgies" down below. As mentioned, the word does not imply (according to my diction) alcohol or drug use. And as for the possibility of drug use, I should point out that drug- or sodomy-induced lust also presumably causes authenticity. Something I have noticed is that there is a certain type of person (they tend to hangout in science and math newsgroups, where they are often called cranks) who have bizarre theories which they argue for using a language that isn't just wrong, but incomprehensibly idiotic. Many of these people I suspect are people who have had many girl molesters/molested girls as ancestors, which is why despite they are stupid and bad they aren't conformist, but fall and rise on their own (often extraordinarily deficient) wits. The fact of the matter is that lustful orgies produce authenticity in both bad male and good males, whether the lust is defiled or innocent(though the authenticity produced in bad males by the female lust caused by the male's depravity (or the depravity of the other males who are in the orgy) tends to die out, inasmuch as such bad males tend to be so moronic as to have descendants that fail in natural selection). Of course, I was thinking of a multi-female orgy, but again, depraved orgies in which sodomy is involved produce more lust if more males sodomize. Enough said.

Being true to oneself
So hard it is
To be true to myself
When I am true to myself
I am true to that part of me most
that little girls have had sex with
in distant generations

No way
I say
can people be true
to that part of themselves
that is the best part of themselves
unless something makes them so.

Girls can do that
Because the part of me that is best
at getting them
is the part
that is most me.

No sex is more true
to a girl
than that which forces the girl
to be true to herself.

I will tell you what--
you’ll be less afraid if I enslave you
because if I do,
I can,
and if I can,
I will,
because I am sensitive enough to see what you are,
and real enough that you know sex won’t be near as fun for you
when I punish you by creating my own lust in me as I would
if you aren’t yourself
but some kind of conformist.
oh yeah it is scary being controlled during sex
but more scary having sex with a man who isn’t forcing you to be yourself
because it offers no proof that he could.
And I mean really, doesn’t your self know better what you want from sex than conformity does?
Aren’t you just like me?
Is not the part that is most you the part that has understood how to please little girls in bed
and make them lust?
You may not know whether that part of you,
a part of you I perhaps have turned on
is a true part of you
I’d be the first to admit (the world’s leading anti-sodomy theorist I am)
for all you know I could be making you think yourself something other than you are.
Girls look at me from time to time
from the arms of their boyfriends
with steely eyes
that say
I had to be forced to find myself
that’s all what being forced is about
and don’t you really wish you were so potent
as to molest me like my lover could?
Mostly they think me some quaint naive person,
these females fallen from grace.
I can be rather generous toward their desire for authenticity
in me as well as herself,
can see in that perverse contempt,
the outlines of a natural admirable willingness
toward a kind of innocent captivation.
A captivation, unlike hers (well, I can’t prove her captivation corrupt, but. . .), that does not corrupt
a girl’s sense of her own natural sexuality
but demands it.
I’d give her a crucifix
that burns red hot when it gets too close
to the forehead of a vampire.
But I say all that doesn’t matter with you,
I know I am not the vampire, not the sodomizer,
nor a deceiver either.
At least that is what I know if I am worthy of you.
If I am worthy of you, if I can innocently force you to be you,
I should, and if you slept with me I could, should, and would,
at least to a large extent (nothing is perfect).
You’re not a fool,
you’d know this,
your mom too probably.

It isn’t really the problem per se that parents don’t let kids be true to themselves.
Think about it genetically, you’ll see that family should have just as much interest in your being true to/ yourself
as you do.
Unlike with you, it’s just as rewarding to a family member for you to be true to what the family member would do as to what you would do, and even more rewarding to him for you to be true to that part of you that you have in common with that family member, but so what?
The family member most true to himself will want you to be true to yourself more than you yourself want that, perhaps the most important consequence.
No, the problem is that parents aren’t true to themselves when it comes to parenting.
Parents all too often are conformist parents.
A parent, in my opinion, should decide when a daughter is making a big mistake,
and force her not to make it.
Mothers who choose wisely
what to let their daughters do
don’t get rewarded for authenticity
like a little girl would.
An authentic gene has its reward,
it evolves
falling or rising
more according to its own worth.
If your mom’s a good parent,
does the right things
when intersecting your sex life,
there’s a good chance your children will be good parents too.
But it’s not as good a chance as the chance your children will
be sexually wise as teenagers
if you are.

You’re young,
your mind more plastic.
Very wise and informative you’d be
in bed
if you were yourself.
Yes, it would be enjoyable
to learn
what you would teach me
if you were yourself
such teaching would have
many applications.
So admittedly it’s not just that (if I’m good) you’ll
get more real pleasure by being yourself
if in bed with me.
It’s good for you to be yourself,
but largely it’s because I’m understanding that I want you to be so,
notwithstanding during sex to the extent I am good is the extent
my penis can force
to do what I want,
and what I want most
to force you to do
to force you
to be yourself.
Your mom may want you to be yourself,
at least she would when and if she has approved of you and I having sex.
But to really want you so, as much or more as I do,
once you and I have sex
I need to force you to want you to be yourself,
or she won’t respect me as much
or look at you steely-eyed
like she knows it will go easier for you
if she helps you find yourself
by stroking your hair
while telling you to submit
because it’s all so very innocent
and beautiful.
She will be especially true to herself
when and if her concern becomes how to help
get as much sex pleasure from me as possible.
Not that I wish to assert that I be so wonderful she couldn’t reject me notwithstanding
she be authentic.
No, it’s just that anyone genuinely interested in what pleases young girls sexually
must be true to themselves
because the part of a person that most understands that
is the part that girls over the generations have the most lusted for
and been drawn into bed by
Girl lust paints the genetic material it likes with what makes the desires of that material
in future generations
in a way the conformist cancer in our genes
can not resist
and doesn’t want to
when what little girls want

Conformity is a cancer of sorts.
Conformist genes
in the part of the genome that doesn’t matter
really don’t act like they would care if individuals they are in
evolve well.
They just would want to reproduce.
The important genes where evolution really matters,
they get overwhelmed by the junk,
and are forced by conformist genes not to live or die according to their own worth,
contrary to what the important genes would want (if somehow genes could want what was in their best interest).
Clearly, success should not be measured indiscriminately,
by the amount of genetic material that has passed down,
but by the amount of important genetic material that has done so.
The cancer of conformity in our genes
makes animals,
people too,
less successful than they could be,
when success is measured
using reasonable definitions.

Funny thing about cancer, though:
it is simple.
Conformist cancer lies
in the part of the genome
where nothing really important
ever evolves
It doesn’t seem quite able to manage
to make us conform to just this or that.
So when it wants us not to conform,
like when it sees it is in its best interest
for the individual it is in
to really understand what pleases
young girls during coitus,
it has no choice,
but to give all the genes
the general reign
to the extent they are importunate,
and turn itself off.

You make me be myself.
If you want me,
I’ll make you be yourself.
If your mom wants us to have sex,
our sex will make her be herself,
and because mothers have so much control over our fears,
she’ll encourage my seduction of you
better than I can.

Even if conformity were had to the lesser, selfish extent,
morally it still would be excessive.
A good person would care about his genetic material evolving well
not just because that would benefit himself
but also because it would benefit the likely good mates his good genetic material
would love in future generations,
and because encouraging the evolution of beauty
is near to what goodness is.
What can humanity do to encourage
people to be true to themselves?

Only one thing ultimately really encourages people to be true to themselves, in my opinion.
If it goes away, people will gradually become conformist twits.
Young girls full of lust
do during copulation
and more especially copulation during a (multi-girl) orgy
[by the way, my diction does not assume that an orgy implies alcohol or drugs be involved, just many females]
paint the penis with chemicals.
These chemicals get absorbed by the male.
They create a coating of sorts on his genome that over generations
make regions loved especially well by girls
to be different from other regions,
more especially painted as it were.
The epigenetic “paint” on these regions causes the genes over which they are painted
to be especially importunate and powerful when it comes to demanding dominance
when their products are read.
As a result, the areas of little genetic importance,
where the conformist cancer lies,
they don’t get read as seriously
as the genetic regions where girls have consistently found past evolution
so pleasant
as to have lusted for it in
the sex that to a certain extent
created our ancestors.

We are all non-conformist
mostly just to the extent little girls in lustful orgies
have made us so.

Strange thing, though,
the pleasures inside you
that you will want
and let me enslave you
will awaken in you new wants
you won't be able to resist
forcing me
to be me.
You would probably be successful
since morally
we would see it appropriate
and I want you.
I won't be able to enslave you
without being me.

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