Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last we saw the robin sitting on the nest was yesterday morning, about 12 hours after the last picture was taken. Curious and concerned, I went out today to look at the nest, and the nest was empty. No sign of broken shells or holes in the nest, etc. My guess is that the eggs have been eaten by a snake and become snake. I would have preferred the robin eggs to have become robins.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The robin nest

Here is the robin sitting on the nest that I tied in the tree after it fell on the ground. Supposedly the incubation period for robins is 13 days, so the eggs should be hatching any day now

Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Journal

Friday, June 1, 2007:

The internet is broken today; Time-Warner will send out somebody tomorrow to fix it. Finished Book III of Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, mainly while I was waiting for a relative at a Doctor's visit. It's a little disappointing. Last year after having read the first book, I figured the rest would be equally as interesting. But notwithstanding the first quarter of the essay is remarkably important and ingenious, the next two quarters are much less inspiring. We'll see how the last quarter is (Book IV).

The robin nest was leaning again, so I put on a hard hat and my Dad's old army jacket and did tie another string underneath it to help prop it up again. I don't think any more string will be needed--it's getting to the point I am building a net underneath the nest. I think the birds have added more clay to the nest. I was going to punch a hole in the side of the nest and thread a string through the hole to tie it directly to a branch, but the nest has so much clay in it it's almost a clay pot which I might could fracture by trying to punch a hole in it with a screw driver, etc.

(Comment: apparently after five people in our neighborhood complained, the internet problems were declared an outage, which caused Time-Warner to fix the problem earlier. The internet came back on about 9pm today)

Sunday, June 3, 2007:

It occurs to me I neglected to mention in my entry of May 24 another phenomenon that scares girls away from their sexual feelings for other girls. If a girl is in love with a guy for the right reasons, the thought when it enters her mind of his having sex with another girl or girls while having sex with her will cause a sudden increase in the sexual pleasure she gets from lusting for him. It is all too easy for her to mistake this lustful desire for him as akin to the kind of depraved controlling aggressiveness a bad male is likely to feel if he becomes jealous. A wicked male especially tends to want to sodomize a girl when he feels like he needs to exert more control over her, which of course is what he is likely to view as more necessary if he has competititon. In fact, occasionally a skanky female if sufficiently sophisticated (in the idiot sense) about her skankiness will actually try to make a male jealous so as to try to provoke him, because she knows that will tend to make him more sexually aggressive toward her or to sodomize her more. But females that skanky are prety rare; in fact, perhaps more often females accused of this are actually just girls who flirt with other males because they want to leave whatever relationship they are in, which can tend to make the guy controlling her (quite possibly by sodomy) resort to Taliban-like ultra-accusatory behavior, or they are confused in the opposite way, namely they think that other guys will be a turn-on for the guy she loves just as other girls are a turn-on for her. But the (special, beautiful) lust for a male that the (special, beautiful) lust of other females can induce in a female has nothing to do with sodomy, but (imo) with intraejaculate sperm selection.

It looks like we are getting a good soaking rain today. We need it.

Oh, well, perhaps (to be exhaustive) I should mention that occasionally a girl who feels screwed-up will sort of feel like she wants to devirgin some other girl to make the latter girl more accepting and less critical of whatever disgusting things the girl thinks she is into. This is a pretty rare minor phenomenon, and virginity isn't that important, but still, it pays to realize that girls like that exist and should be guarded against. An innocent girl doesn't need other girls trying to make her feel not innocent and like she now has no choice but to accept depravity.

Of course, another thing that can happen is that girlfriends of the girl lusted for by another girl can also think the standard thing (mentioned a few weeks ago) that the lust of the other girl has to do with a desire to control her girlfriend, and since the girlfriend doesn't want this control to interfere with her being the girl's girlfriend, she might somewhat unkindly be against this lust. This probably isn't too serious; mostly if you're a good girl and a girl wants to be your girlfriend that bad, it's a pretty good sign about her, I mean her wanting to be your girlfriend so much.