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The forces encouraging people to think ill of young female sexuality—Part 2: Scenesters and young female sex slaves.

(This is a continuation of the immediately previous post. Here I deal with the issues of control that I mentioned needed to be understood.)

Life is full of situations where there are several possibilities, and one person wants one thing and another person wants something else, and someone has to decide what happens, i.e., to control the outcome. People rightly see the importance of female sexual selection, and so (ideally, at any rate) when a female does not want sex and a male does want sex, the female exerts control and the sex does not happen. In that sense, females should control their own bodies, obviously. But some situations are less clear. Females very much want to be emotionally loved by males they are having sex with, and young females in particular desire this love especially very much. As I explain elsewhere, such emotional love, in my opinion, has several consequences on genetic crossover—on both the amount of crossover that appears in sperm and the amount of crossover likely to appear in the ova of daughters. And by extension, it has consequences on intraejaculate sperm selection, that are especially important to young and lustful females. A male can regulate the amount of emotional love for a young female who wants him sexually in order to try to get her to do what he wants.

Someone has to decide how sex will be. By default, the male controls his body and the female controls her body, if for no other reason that any other sort of control would demand some sort of extraneous difficult-to-exert coercion. But there are (at least) two methods to encourage others to do what one wants: reward desired behavior or punish undesired behavior. The former method is more generally considered polite and less worthy of censure. This is somewhat understandable because punishing generally involves inflicting hurt on the other person, and of course hurt tends to harm. But when punishment involves taking away something that another loves which one ordinarily does give and reward involves giving something that another loves which one ordinarily one doesn’t give, it in every way seems more loving to be a punisher than a rewarder. The difference is merely that a punisher ordinarily wants to give the reward (say, from love), while the rewarder doesn’t—he only does so to get what he wants. A good male is likely to want to be emotionally loving toward most girls. His loving a girl emotionally when she be not disobedient is not a reward because it is something he wants to give her. On the other hand, if a male does not want to be emotionally loving toward a girl, then indeed his emotional loving behavior can only be rewarding rather than punishing. So to make out as though a good loving person using emotional love as a tool to get what he wants is akin to rewarding rather than punishing in fact to a discriminating individual makes good people seem unloving and mean. Similarly, a mother who occasionally punishes her child by not letting her go out to play is more loving than a mother who only lets her child go out to play in order to get her to do things; the former mother is much more likely to care enough about her child as to actually really want her child to go out to play. Some people might say (looking at rewarding by doing x as being the same as punishing by not doing x) that there be no difference, but it seems to me that there is a difference (as indeed would be useful in making our language more expressive), and vaguely I feel that the difference lay in whether the reward be something that would have been given voluntarily were there no need to control. True, some slave masters might actually enjoy the practice and spectacle of punishment, but this is not really rewarding or punishing for the purpose of effecting some desired change in behavior, so one couldn’t really say that such slave masters are rewarding their victims for some desired end (as indeed would sound preposterous)—they are just being vicious. The important point is just to make clear exactly what I wish to mean when I use various terms; probably people use the terms slightly differently from what I use them, and I beg leave of the reader that whatever slight modifications of standard usage I might have inflicted be necessary as being preferable to the only alternative I see, namely inventing new words. And when I say that girls having sex with good males should in some sense be like sex slaves I don’t want people to think I just am phrasing that dramatically, for mostly it really does seem preferable and more accurate that they should allow themselves be controlled by punishment thus than to say they should allow themselves to be controlled by rewards.

If a male is good, he is likely to know he is good. Girls are very afraid of being tricked into loving selfish, and more particularly deceptive males. They don’t want to be deceived into relationships with males that otherwise they would see they shouldn’t have. Not only would it be a bad thing to reward badness by having these relationships, but also deceptive males are the most unrewarding and unpleasant (in the real sense) males for girls to have sex with. With any girl having sex there are likely to be many fears that keep her from being as lustful and sexually trusting in a relationship as she otherwise would be. Typically, these are fears that the male is much worse morally than she thinks—that he is tricking her. Oftentimes a male having a sexual relationship with a girl will see that the girl loves him an excess amount that gives him a certain power over her. In this situation he can force the girl to be more trusting and lustful by making her realize that he won’t be as loving of her else, which almost certainly will work if it doesn’t scare her away, because girls really, really enjoy emotional love from males. And because, to the extent his estimation of her affection be correct, she loves him more than barely enough to sleep with him, he won’t expect to lose much by being thus demanding. (Unless she wants sex for pleasure’s sake and feels no love, which is unusual since in girls real sexual pleasure and love are close.) Why shouldn’t he use his power for the good thus by being controlling in such a situation? Really it becomes clear that it is a very moral thing to do to try to force the girl to be more trusting when one considers that the consequence of wrongly attempting to use such force is her fleeing him, a disaster especially to himself (since males like sex so much), whereas the consequence of rightly attempting to use such force is more sexual pleasure for both of them as she becomes more relaxed, tantric, and generally into the sex. The possible bad consequences are mainly to himself, whereas the possible good consequences are to both himself and his lover. Caring less for himself on account of his magnanimity, he therefore will see the appropriateness of forcing the girl to do what is best for both of them.

Of course, it could be argued that if it becomes morally acceptable for males to force girls into being lustful and trusting, it will make it easier for bad males to force girls into becoming trusting, thereby putting girls at undue risk. But I make two arguments against this assertion. First, bad males are very good at hiding their controlling tendencies. Many millions of males are controlling females with sodomy without the females even realizing it. And any male who varies his emotional love for a female according to circumstance is likely having a certain control over his mate (but this latter sort of control girls are better at picking up), which to a certain extent a male may be able to excuse with the rejoinder that his love varies as his feelings change. Second, and more importantly, the slavery I view as appropriate is basically involved with forcing lust and most importantly, authenticity. Bad males don’t really want to force females into being lustful or tantric, because they don’t want intraejaculate sperm selection to select for their most pathetic sperm, either. And only sometimes would they want a girl to be more true to that part of the girl the girl views as herself, and only when that part of the girl is not her authentic self (the authentic part of a girl pretty much never wants to have sex with a bad male or more especially a deceptive male). And of course, it’s not that guys should force girls into being trusting when girls are deciding to have sex, it’s that they (sometimes) should try to force girls into being trusting while having sex. It is only in this latter sense in which girls should at times be sex slaves.

It is interesting to note as possible corroborating evidence of my assertions and reasonings that one would expect that mothers of girls who are willing for their daughters to have sex with a male would tend to try to encourage the daughters to be more willing to be slavish to him. Indeed, mostly it is conformist fears that a virtuous male forces out of a girl (usually by forcing her into herself), and fears in sex are mainly good as defenses against especially bad males. And though girls rightly tend to not want their mother involved much in deciding about whether a guy assumed basically good be sexually pleasant or not, mostly girls rightly tend to depend on their mothers to protect them from very big mistakes and, in particular, the deceptions of especially bad males. But daughters tend to want their mothers to be more conformist in their evaluations of the dangers of particular males than mothers usually are. This is annoying to mothers, who want their opinions about dangers, etc., to be respected. In particular, if a mother decides a virtuous male is not particularly dangerous, as she willy-nilly will if she allows her daughter to have sex, she will want her daughter to believe her and to sexually trust the male more than the daughter is likely to do so, unless she be forced. So a mother who consents to her young daughter having sex will tend to especially appreciate the male (through sexual emotion) forcing her daughter to be braver and less conformist in sex with him when it comes to her fears.

When I say that males should at times force females into being themselves, I wish to make clear that I don’t mean something ridiculous or conniving. Of course, I don’t identify a female’s self with her will, since there is never a need to force a girl to do what she would do anyway. “I command you do to do what you would do normally,” a rather pointless sort of servitude to impose on someone. When I say “self” I mean the important part of oneself, that part whose evolution is important. To be clear of what I mean, it is helpful to think in terms of genes. Some genes are more important than others, and accordingly it would be a mistake to think that the fraction of a person’s real makeup coded by a particular gene can be measured by (say) the amount of size of the gene or (what amounts to the same thing) the amount of space it takes up on its chromosome. It could very well be, for instance, that a gene important in mating choice or intelligence could take up the same space as a gene coding for toenail characteristics, but the advantage of clean toenails notwithstanding, one could hardly say that both genes are equally important or equally determine the (genetic) self of the person the genotype codes for. That said, it could be that a gene in a junk or unimportant region could code for its needs just as importunately as a gene in an important region. E.g., the gene in the toenail region likely doesn’t care about its continued evolution very much, because it is not very important that toenails evolve into better toenails. Thus, in the unimportant region one would expect simple genes that tend to code strongly for conformity. Genes coding for copying themselves are (comparatively) unimportant. It doesn’t take any great skill or complexity to copy successful people. What I mean then, mostly, by being true to oneself, is living so as to make use of one’s most important and special qualities, rather than just copying what the majority or successful majority believes. In particular, a female can choose a boyfriend by figuring out for herself, using her own special faculties and innate tendencies exactly what she wants in a boyfriend and then evaluating using her own skills the extent to which particular males measure up to those wants, or she can just assume her natural wants are like those of other girls, determining them by copying them rather than by reflecting upon her natural tendencies, and she can take largely for granted that common opinion is an accurate reflection of what any particular male is like. These are, to say the least, vastly different approaches, and insofar as mate choice is concerned, the first approach is what I mean by a girl being true to herself, while the second approach is what I mean by her being a conformist. Because girls can be conformists, clearly it is not necessarily the case therefore that girls are true to themselves. But of course neither do I mean that a girl should accept at face value what a wannabe controlling mate of her says she should do to be true to her true self. I claim that a girl tends to know what her own true self wants; indeed, if she doesn’t know that, What would one expect her to know? And she would strongly tend to know (at least if she has bothered to think about herself much) exactly what that self would do were she not conformist. If a girl senses a man is trying to force her to do something incompatible with her true self, though she ought to have some allowance for misunderstanding her own self (misunderstandings she should evaluate carefully to determine whether it indeed be likely they are actual misunderstandings), she is perfectly at rights to reject her wannabe controlling mate. Indeed, nothing says immorality and unworthiness in a male quite like insensitivity in judging the character of others. The whole reason some people have evolved to be moral is that the strong association between sensitivity and morality allows the latter to be judged by judging something (sensitivity) that is easily directly judgeable. Indeed, it is much easier to judge whether someone is sensitive about your own nature than to judge directly whether someone is moral or not; many pretend to morality who are not at all moral.

Why is it so important for good people to be themselves? Looking at the matter from a genetic point of view, it is clear that unless something subtle be involved, people won’t care near so much about encouraging evolution in their own genetic material as is in the interest of good people as a whole. If a gene in a good person influences behavior so that people containing the gene are more true to themselves than otherwise, this will on average encourage evolution of the behavior genes in an individual by making survival more dependent on the qualities the behavior genes code for. But the advantage from a gene evolving mainly will be to distant generations, which a person has little reason to care about since these distant generations are but very slightly related. But a person should care greatly about distant descendants, because goodness tends to mate goodness. A good person cares about the genetic material in his descendants that is not his own, because this genetic material also will tend to be from good people inasmuch as good people tend to mate good people. Unfortunately, the ordinary methods by which evolution selects for moral traits, i.e., what I call idealism selection, just won’t work at all well in selecting for unselfishness toward distant descendants. And so, unless something else be involved, people as a whole won’t care sufficiently about evolving fast and well. In particular, if something subtle isn’t involved, people won’t care sufficiently about being true to themselves, about mating early, or about valuing authenticity in others. I have already explained what tends to cause females to mate good males early, i.e., what I call nymphetal philokalia. A consequence of this phenomena, in my opinion, is that lustful young females during sex tend to affect the genetic material of good males in an especial way that allows special genetic material in males to be different epigenetically than non-special genetic material. This difference allows really useful genes in males to be more coded for than not particularly useful genes, and so when males are true to themselves, they can be especially true to that part of their genetic material that is especial in the sense that it is the sort of genetic material that is well-loved by young lustful females. Good males, therefore, if my theory is correct, have a great inducement to be true to themselves, because when they are true to themselves, they are especially true to that part of themselves that is good at attracting young females. A pretty young female just makes a good male want to be true to himself.

But what about females? Is there something that encourages females to be true to themselves a more appropriate degree than one would expect from the simplest evolutionary considerations? I don’t think one has to look very far to see that, at least with young females, there is such a thing, though it be rather curious because the reason it works is precisely that girls sometimes do tend to not think for themselves. Let us suppose that in fact girls are conformists mostly. This is actually a good thing in a way, because for nymphetal philokalia to work well it is important that good males who are especially good at attracting young females be well-rewarded sexually. And to the extent young females copy one another, well, getting one girl in bed would tend to mean getting lots of girls in bed, and so genetic material that in ancestors often mated other ancestors who were girls would indeed tend to be very studly and sexually successful with girls. But it is to do conformist girls a discredit to suppose them so simple and idiotic as to merely evaluate a male by how many girls like to sleep with him. For if conformity in girls is commonplace, it could very well be that his first girl was a rather random matter (or the advertisers pushing him pushed him for rather random reasons), and that the other girls he got he got just because girls copied one another in a sudden fad. Just because a guy has attracted numerous females to him, it doesn’t follow that any of these females actually put any of themselves into evaluating him or their own tendencies to desire him or no. If mostly they all just copied one another, that scarcely gives girls any reason whatsoever to think that the guy has an especially great ability to attract girls. Oftentimes, simple conformity and media manipulation together can create a fad that temporarily could make girls throw themselves at a guy, but if there isn’t a base of girls who want the guy because their own true natures really wants him, after a while the more cool girls who do think more for themselves will by expressing their doubts or by collectively not falling for him cause the sudden star to lose his glitz and his fall from fame could be almost as quick as his rise was. He will be so yesterday. And there’s very little reason at all to think that his genetic material succeeded at attracting girls because of characteristics in it that were especially good at attracting girls—his success in attracting girls was likely all pretty random, mostly.

Here is the thing, then. If a virtuous male sexually attracts a girl to him, that’s great for him, of course, but it’s a great deal better for him if he can make her have sex according to her own true nature. If the girl or girls having sex with a guy are true to themselves in wanting the sex rather than just being true to whatever the scene says a girl should be true to, the girls in the scene, likely being mostly conformist but not in the simple idiot sense, will be much more likely to just ooooh and aaah and find him altogether irresistible. A man is way more impressive if girls are having sex with him because it is obvious their own true natures want it than if girls are having sex with him because girls are mindlessly copying one another, so it is more likely to induce girls to copy the girls having sex with him. And a scene queen who has sex because her own true nature wants it is a better example to scenesters than one who had it for more random reasons. A virtuous male, being sensitive, will tend to know what a girl’s true nature be, and thus whether it be likely that her true nature would want to have sex with him or not. And because there be nothing deceptive about him, a girl’s true nature is much more likely to want a virtuous male than some bad one. At any rate, good males will tend to try to force girls into being true to themselves, not for any profound unselfish reason, though indeed, perhaps good males will to a slight extent try to force good females into being true to themselves just because they find it beautiful and what God or nature would want—even good males are not that good enough. No, the main reason good males will tend to force girls into being true to themselves sexually is simply that good males, like all males, want sex with scads of females, and by girls being true to themselves in bed with him, that will sexually attract to him the girls who are not true to themselves, who according to his ability and the particular nature of each girl, he can also try to make true to themselves once he attracts them into sex, thereby attracting more girls, etc., etc.. Yes, the reason virtuous males want girls to be true to themselves in bed is because it increases his chancing of obtaining a many-many female (one-male, sober) orgy.

Actually, though, girls really are pleased more-or-less by being especially true to themselves when in bed with a male. Probably what happens, I’m thinking, is that female lust is a little different and more selective of exactly the sperm that a girl most wants to be fertilized by when the lust is made authentically, as a result of the girl obeying her own true feelings. This makes sense, of course, because as just explained it is much more impressive if the girl lust in a (multi-girl, one-male, alcohol-drug-and-sodomy-free) orgy arises from the authentic feelings of the girls, i.e., from feelings that reflect the true natures of the girls and not from conformist feelings. Accordingly, girls could just voluntarily be true to themselves; however, that is not really what they want. A girl fancying getting fucked wants her lover to force her to be true to herself by his demanding on threat of punishment (i.e., by refusing to emotionally love her else) that she be so. Roar! A man who demands that a girl having sex with him do so for authentic reasons of her own on the one hand is a man sensitive enough to realize what he can get away with—he correctly evaluates what her real self is and in consequence can determine what it is he can demand of her sexually that constitutes a subset of that (and if in the rare case he demands something else that it is not in the girl’s nature to do, he can preface his demand with a disclaimer to the effect that, “yeah, maybe this is not something you want, but by your leave I beg pardon to demand it anyway”). It’s something she ought to find prudent the testing of, and of course if she love him enough that he can force her so, her love is more. And what’s really even much more important, a man who tends to force (young) girls sleeping with him into being themselves is a man whose ancestral genetic material is likely to have demanded the same authenticity of girls when it fucked them. Therefore, when a (young) girl has sex with a male who demands authenticity, her youth is selecting via intraejaculate sperm selection for that genetic material in him that is not only especially good at fucking girls, but also especially good at fucking authentic girls, which is very much more what she needs for her own sexual pleasure. And not only does her youth select for it, but the authenticity of her lust selects for it even more precisely. What’s more, though it be less important probably, the ancestors who forced girls into authenticity could force the girls into authenticity without the girls running away, a more impressive feat than merely accepting girls as they come. Girls having sex with a virtuous male who want to be authentic mostly don’t want to be authentic because they have to decide to be so, they each want to become authentic because he forces each separately to be so, because his wanting this authenticity that desperately is important to her sexual pleasures, and she tends to find it prudent to test for that.

It is interesting to note that one would expect (if my theories are correct) that much as male authenticity attracts females, female authenticity would tend to make for beautiful, better sex. Since girls are most authentic when having sex (that’s mostly the only time males would be expected to care enough about it to try and force it upon them) it is especially important to the survival of a gene expressed when a female is authentic that it code well for great sex.

As good evidence for my theories one can consider the extreme concern that in many ways conformist girls have to appear original. Some girls who mostly get things don’t seem to understand totally that guys tend to want girls to be authentic mainly because the guys want orgies. They just sort of assume that guys find that girls who decide of their own free will to be authentic are especially beautiful and attractive to them much like girls find authenticity in males beautiful. True, because authentic girls are better at sex, men can want them to be authentic for that reason, but logically that seems a secondary reason. Anyway, it seems kind of overdone to me how girls will fight and claw one another in an effort to be seen as authentic and the real mover and scene queen.

To conclude, the authenticity that exists in females largely exists because good males force (using threat of emotional punishment) girls in sex to be authentic to themselves. This force is beautiful, and girls in love mostly like to be forced thus. Also, as mentioned before, it is appropriate for a virtuous male to try to force girls having sex with him to be less afraid than otherwise. There are senses then, in which it is good for girls to be slavish, and a sense even in which girls like to be thus slavish. Girls really do tend to be sex slaves more than women, but that's not a bad thing; girls being willing in a way to be slavish is largely what makes for what authenticity that exists in females. So in fact, those hypocritical proponents of sodomy who would make young female slavishness to males fucking them a kind of red herring to wave in the faces of those opposing their foul perversions, well, they are only the more immoral (than less hypocritical sodomites) for having attempted to spread error in two spheres rather than just one.

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