Monday, January 16, 2006

Hate and cruelty an appropriate sexual turn-on in females

I have long thought (since 1992) that it is something of a sexual turn-on for females to feel hate and cruelty toward other males when having sex. This first occurred to me when I decided Victoria's secret (what made their models sexy) was to imagine themselves having sex with one male while torturing other males to death, behavior which I could not in any way manage to see as morally appropriate. Thus, it was an occasion of not a little grief and insanity that I should find sexy females thinking that. Ha. Yesterday morning, the morning of January 15, 2006, the answer occurred to me, and it is so simple and silly, one must be careful not to laugh.

Is a girl feeling hate and cruelty toward other males while having sex with a clean, good male something that will make her lustful and wet? Yes. Is it appropriate that she and her sex partner want and encourage such lust in her? Yes. Is this lust illustrative of some dark truth, e.g., the ubiquity of evil and that even the best people would tend if they could get it toward murder or apocalyptic mayhem--that absolute power corrupts absolutely? No, though it may well be that even the best people would do evil things if the reward were great enough. Is it illustrative of the fragility of the human psyche and more particularly that of the supposedly more fragile female, that a girl if she wants sex desperately will not be able to help being full of anger at anything that gets in her way, which insanity can lead to extremes, making such lust at best a kind of silly release of anger and at worse a cause of significant excesses and evil? Not particularly. Is it illustrative of that even the best of us are nevertheless a certain amount of kinky? No, not at all. That we all have within us ancestral feelings toward human sacrifice? Well, I wouldn't be surprised if such latent feelings are there, but surely human sacrifice is quite irrelevant in the modern genetically diverse world, so No. The answer is way simpler and lighter than any of that.

If a girl is full of lust, if she can feel hate and cruelty just as easily as ever, that means that her love and lust in all likelihood is NOT caused by love chemicals having been put down her throat or into her hindquarters, and so the hate naturally would be supposed to fill her with lust! If a girl can hate during sex, it is a useful sign she is not being sodomized, and so prudence demands that she cruelly hate during coitus, so that she can make useful and informative observations on the extent to which she can hate and easily imagine herself inflicting cruelties upon others without the least compromising her benevolent simultaneous sexual love for the man she is copulating with. Even if a girl knows she is not getting compromised by sodomy, it is still a reasonable and just thing for her to hate to increase her lust, lust being something good. After all, there doubtless have been over the years millions if not billions of individuals who thought they knew their love emotions were real, when in fact, they were just caused by sodomy. Sodomy is insidious, the emotions want their own proof of cleanliness, thank you very much.

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